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04-Mar-2014 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast: Episode 05

Value Higher with Adrienne Mikkelsen This week we had Adrienne Mikkelsen from Property In Depth (http://www.propertyindepth.co.nz) on the show. Adrienne is one of the best and most proactive valuers we've worked with and we were excited to have this interview. The main takeaways from this interview for us were: Confirming the ways using a valuer can improve your results as an investor. Most people will think of a valuer as someone the bank makes you contact - that is clearly n....more..

27-Feb-2014 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast: Episode 04

Get inside the Insurance Industry with Chris Lane This week we interviewed Chris Lane, a very experienced Insurance Broker who runs the South Island operation of Hutchison Rodway. (http://www.hutchisonrodway.co.nz/) Despite being about a dry subject this interview was great fun, you are going to hear about: Why our Insurance Premiums have gone up like they have Why you are better off getting insured through a broker than direct (this was new to us) You'll hear about an e....more..

19-Feb-2014 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast: Episode 03

Depreciation, "tainting" & structures with Tony Thorne In this episode we speak with Tony Thorne, the founder of Thorne Acocunting (http://www.thorneaccounting.co.nz/home) Tony runs a business that is focussed on rental property owners and is able to get straight to the point in answering our questions about: How to choose an accountant What "tainting" means for renovaters and traders How depreciation on chattels works What kind of structures are best for people at vari....more..

08-Feb-2014 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast: Episode 02

Property Politics and the NZPIF with Andrew King In this episode we speak with Andrew King, the head of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (). Andrew speaks about what the NZPIF does for investors, how to get involved and some of the battles the NZPIF are fighting on our behalf such as capital gains taxes and the proposed warrant of fitness for rental properties. Andrew has been investing since the 1980's and his experience and insights will be valuable for any lis....more..

06-Feb-2014 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast: Episode 01

Successful Investor Interview with Kesh Maharaj We're very excited to bring you the very first episode of our new podcast! This show is something we've been working on for a long time and it's finally here!In our first ever episode, we speak with Kesh Maharaj, a very successful and prominent investor in Auckland. In this show we will hear: (2:15) What was the trigger that started Kesh's property investing career. (4:45) Kesh's strategy when he started investing. (6:45) Som....more..





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