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19-Jul-2018 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 85

Mark interviews Ashley Church, Chief Executive Property Institute of New Zealand. The Property Institute is a recognised and respected organisation which maintains ethical and industry standards. They offer a range of services for property professionals; including Continuing Development, research, information, publications and online resources. A valuable wealth of knowledge to all of those in the property market. They discuss: Have things changed months after the new coaliti....more..

12-Jul-2018 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 84

Mark interviews Royce Timms from No Doubt Inspections. Royce is an experienced property inspector with 38 years’ experience in the Building Industry. He is a qualified Carpenter and is experienced in all aspects of construction. Mark and Royce discuss: * The importance of building reports * What to look out for when viewing a property * Does a beautifully presented house mean no problems? * Meth testing * Follow up on building reports * The benefits of having a buildin....more..

07-Jun-2018 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 83

Labour Housing Minister, Phil Twyford interviewed at the property leaders event May 27th 2018 This Podcast/Video is taken from the Gilligan Rowe and Associates Leader Event held in Auckland on 27 May 2018. Matthew Gilligan poses some tough questions to Housing Minister, Phil Twyford, in relation to how Government changes are affecting property investors. They discuss KiwiBuild, red tape and costs surrounding resource consents, the foreign buyer ban, tax loss ringfencing, capita....more..

09-May-2018 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 82

Mark talks to specialist property accountant, Matthew Gilligan, managing director of Gilligan Rowe and Associates (http://www.gra.co.nz/ ) (GRA). They talk about the upcoming event - Property Leaders One Day Event. Matthew also shares his expertise on: * The property cycle * Explains “The ripple Effect” * Changes in the Government which will affect the market * What to expect to learn if you attend the Property Leaders One Day Event Click here to book tickets ....more..

24-Apr-2018 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast - Episode 81

Mark Honeybone interviews Kim Neville from Heat Pump Services. Kim has been in the industry for 20 years and uses his experience to explain how to take advantages of using a heat pump and what you should look for when investing in a heat pump. If you're a property investor conscious of the new healthy homes policies coming in, you should take a listen to Kim and Mark about the benefits of investing in a heat pump. If you'd like to know more about the services Kim provides, contac....more..

01-Mar-2018 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast - Episode 80

An Inside Look at Property Ventures and Some of Our Salespeople One of the things PVRE is proud of is that almost all of our staff are active investors or developers, so in this episode Mark interviews Hamish and Jess, two Auckland team members of Property Ventures Real Estate (PVRE). They talk about why they're working in the PVRE team and how they come about working here. Hamish and Jess also discuss what they're currently up to in the market. They also give ....more..





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