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18-Aug-2017 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 73

Mark talks to Rene McLean from Property In Depth. Rene has been a registered valuer for about 20 years. He is an active property investor in both New Zealand and the USA. His own property investment portfolio has been created through house relocation, subdivision, mortgagee sales and new buildings. He’s also very familiar with renovations, landscaping, adding rooms, minor units, units, flats, buying undervalue in suburbs ‘about to boom', apartments and overseas property. Rene and Mark d....more..

26-May-2017 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 72

Mark talks to the Property Expert (Property guy) Campbell Venning with a market update on Queenstown. Queenstown has gone through many changes in the past 10 years and is a vastly different city than it once was. Even though some things have been done well to accommodate the growth there is a large gap in the market that we discuss. We also discuss an opportunity at the Remarkables in Queenstown that should provide investors with capital growth and cashflow. We are sure you ....more..

28-Apr-2017 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 71

Mark and regular guest Matthew Gilligan from Gilligan Rowe and Associates talk about the advantages and things to look out for when considering buying a new build. Mark discusses the new upcoming page on this website about New Builds and how Property Ventures actually operate. Matthew also talks about his upcoming event with Tony Alexander. ....more..

18-Apr-2017 Mark Honeybone

Tax Changes and Property Update Webinar Episode 70

Please Note. A technical glitch, you may have to put back to the start of the presentation when you push the play button. Mark joins John Rowe from Gilligan Rowe and Associates and Kris Pederson from Kris Pedersen Mortgages. The IRD have recently introduced new tax policies, which have created potential tax planning opportunities for many people. The new rules have also created some pitfalls that you need to be aware of. John discusses the new rules and what they ....more..

10-Mar-2017 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 69

Mark interviews Matthew Gilligan from Gilligan Rowe and Associates about his take on 2017 and the Property Market. They discuss the risks at the moment and how to buy in different markets and why it is important to understand the Property Cycle. There are some great hints on what Matthew thinks you should be doing now, and what he is currently doing in the Property Market right now. A must listen/watch. ....more..

17-Feb-2017 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 68

Mark talks with Property Ventures Real Estate Christchurch representative Slade Hocking about what is happening in Christchurch. They discuss: - Christchurch rebuild - Market update - As is/Where is opportunities - New builds - Getting around and back to the 80% LVR rules. - Minor Dwellings - Opportunities to come We see many real opportunities that people don't understand in Christchurch. If you are a new inve....more..


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