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17-Feb-2017 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 68

Mark talks with Property Ventures Real Estate Christchurch representative Slade Hocking about what is happening in Christchurch. They discuss: - Christchurch rebuild - Market update - As is/Where is opportunities - New builds - Getting around and back to the 80% LVR rules. - Minor Dwellings - Opportunities to come We see many real opportunities that people don't understand in Christchurch. If you are a new inve....more..

10-Feb-2017 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 67

In addition to the current New Zealand Property Podcast Mark launches the first New Zealand Property Podcast and Video series. In this new show Mark talks about some of the current Property Ventures properties for sale and the feature points of each property. <br /> ....more..

08-Dec-2016 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 66

For the first time on the Podcast series Mark takes the microphone, he talks about his take on the current property market throughout NZ. He states where he sees things right now, the risks and how to alleviate some of them. He discusses why some Vendors are selling their property well right now in Auckland and why others aren't. . ....more..

11-Nov-2016 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 65

Mark talks to Matt Blackwell about how Donald Trump will effect the finance market and property in New Zealand Matt Blackwell is CEO of OMF. He has held several positions in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong before moving to Singapore 2005 where he was appointed Head of Rates Trading and Structuring for an Asian bank. In 2006, Matt moved to Deutsche Bank Asia, where he held the position of Managing Director and Co-Head of Fixed Income, Currencies, Credit & Commo....more..

21-Oct-2016 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 64

Mark talks to Jenny Lake about the Christchurch development Ravenswood Jenny Lake is the Sales Manager for Ravenswood; Mark and Jenny discuss this development. Property Ventures, in conjunction with Canterbury’s hottest new subdivision, Ravenswood, has teamed up with the industry leaders, architects and builders and is bringing you an opportunity to own your own energy efficient home or otherwise, in one of New Zealand’s fastest growing districts. Stage 1 sections are on ....more..

07-Oct-2016 Mark Honeybone

New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 63

Mark talks to Nick Hubbard from Formance about alternative products and the future of building Nick Hubbard, from Formance will be speaking at our Sales / Information Nights, 11th and 18th of October about the Superhome movement. Click here () to register for Auckland on the 11th October and here () to attend in Christchurch on the 18th October. Nick and Mark talk about using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), SIPs are high performance thermally efficient composite panels wh....more..





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