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Podcast Advertising is a very powerful tool to help grow your business and build your brand, Property Ventures Real Estate Limited has now being successfully delivering Podcasts to the public audience, these are downloaded from both itunes and the Property Ventures website directly to your chosen device. The great thing about advertising to this forum is that you have a target audience or a captive market of whom you want to advertise your service to, and when on average over 900 people listen to each Podcast you can increase your revenue very quickly and as investors continue to listen to these, you may still get leads 6 months, or a year down the track for a one of advertising fee.

The New Zealand property podcast has reached well over 45,000 downloads in listeners, following each and all our podcasts for free education and advice.

We believe in the strength of our listeners and can only back this up with valid testimonials from previous guests:

Tony Thorne from Thorne Accounting, had to say:

"I’ve found the property ventures podcast to have been a great investment of my time. After investing a short amount of time recording the podcast which Mark organised, it’s now something that just ticks away in the background consistently generating leads for me. It’s targeted, effective marketing for a small upfront investment of time. Well worth it."

Hadar Orkibi seasoned property investor and director of property genie had to say:

"Mark invited me to participate in Property Venture’s The NZ Property Podcast, I was happy to participate and share my experience with the listeners. The response to the podcast was amazing, so many people contacted me saying they find it informative and enjoyable. Some even asked me if I would be interested to do a joint venture with them or consider coaching them to invest in property. I would highly recommend to any professional in the industry to participate and share their knowledge as this could benefit both parties greatly. NZ Property Podcast is going from strength to strength."

Kris Pederson Director of Pederson Mortgages:

"Mark Honeybone kindly invited me to do a podcast interview earlier this year and I was contacted by a number of people within the next few days in regards to it. Months later some of my clients have approached us by recently listening to the Podcast. Mark has a large knowledge about the property industry in general making for insightful questioning and hopefully that resulted in the listeners enjoying the interview."

Chris Lane, Director of First Lane Insurance had to say:

"It was a good interview – nice and relaxed and I think it did come across well. I am pleased to say that I have definitely had some business leads come out of it – people would say – "I’ve just heard your podcast". It certainly is a lot about networking and whilst sometimes slightly hard to measure, I do think my business has gained clear credibility from it. I would be happy to discuss my experiences again."

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