Property Ventures has a special service we offer to only a few of our clients, where we act as buyers agents in most areas of New Zealand.

What is a buyer’s agent?


Buyer’s agents are agents who work on behalf of a buyer, and are paid for their services by the buyer.

Our Finding process allows you a stress-free chance to expand your property portfolio by having us do the work for you while you work or spend time with your family. As well as our agents going out trying to find the exact property your are after, our clients we work with for this service get the first opportunity to view our current listings or any other private properties we have on our books at any one time before they hit the market. We wont take just anyone onboard, and we have no more than 10 such clients in the whole business.

This is for you if you want someone to:

  • Be working for you with your interests at heart;
  • Deals in property almost 24/7 while you work, holiday or are spending time with your family;
  • Can negotiate better than you can.

What you will receive as part of the Property Ventures Service:

  • Locate and identify properties that may be regarded suitable or appropriate;
  • Investigate and collect any information as instructed by the client in respect of the properties identified;
  • Conduct comparative sales analysis and reports;
  • Organise the inspection of properties identified either directly with prospective vendors or through their agents and other associates as may be appropriate;
  • Negotiate or assist with negotiations on any offers that the client may wish to make in respect of any property referred to;
  • To draft any sale and purchase Agreements that may be required by the client in respect of any property identified;
  • Refer help to you using our in-house team of Property Experts, for example, lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers etc, we can assist and consult as required and authorised by the client;
  • On-going support throughout the whole process and free education and insight into property investing through our online Podcasts.

How do we do that?

We have a meeting to find out how we are going to help you and to see which of our Licensed Agents will be the best fit for you.

With our passion, experience, knowledge and networks. First and foremost we are passionate about understanding our clients goals – we talk with you to find out what you are really trying to achieve and try and assist you to achieve these goals.

Yes we love property and get a buzz out of seeing our clients get a real bargain – our agents are all property investors and have decades of experience with their own networks of agents and other professionals in the property spectrum. They find deals that no-one else knows about which can benefit any of our 1 on 1 Buyers Agency clients.

Contact us today for a free consultation with Mark Honeybone or one of the team.


  • Fill out the REAA Buyers Agency Form and pay the initial fee.
  • Property Ventures (PV) Agent will again confirm what you are after.
  • PV finds the appropriate property and informs client about it, with such info as Property Analysis and Comparative Sales Research, Property Introduction.
  • When client is happy with the property the PV Agent will assist with the negotiation of the property.
  • When the contract goes under contract the PV Agent will assist with any due diligence (as appropriate) that the client wants completed, for example building inspection, Registered Valuation, LIM, property file etc. (You will have access to the entire ‘PV Team of Experts’ if required).
  • On the client deciding that they want to go unconditional the PV Agent may liaise with their solicitor and bank.
  • PV will invoice the client for Buyers Agency Fee (if required).
  • The PV Agent will liaise with client for Pre-Settlement Inspection/ Settlement.

The value to you is:

Saving of time – a quicker result than if you were doing it yourself – we search all day every day

We see properties you wouldn’t – we are often shown properties long before they hit the market. Why? Sales agents like working with us – we do all the work of looking after you the buyer – the sales agent can just focus on the vendor.

Negotiation experience – We are experienced in negotiating in all markets – hot or cold. That comes from successfully negotiating hundreds of property transactions – large and small. We are confident that we will save you more money than your modest fee you pay us.

Access to our Professional Team of Experts – We’ve spent years finding the best advisers through trial and error. We will share our team with you if required.

Less hassle – We rate our process as an efficient service to the customer. We are professionals that are in the property field day and night and take all the hassle out of buying your next property.

We know property – We know what to look out for and know the market better than most, we are in it daily. You can be on a Super Yacht half way around the world, the Middle East, Africa, or sitting in a busy office in Auckland, and you can use our service.

If you are eager to start but need some help, please Contact Us for a free consultation with Mark Honeybone. 

So, do you have the time, expertise, experience, and confidence to get the right property for your portfolio?

If you have a property that you think may suit one of our 1 on 1 Buyers Agency clients click here to fill out the appropriate form

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