Kate Han

Kate Han

With a background in sales, marketing, education, and journalism, Kate brought a wide range of experience and people skills in joining Property Ventures.

Previously, Kate is best known for being the charming and youthful television host and journalist on WTV New Zealand. A familiar face in many living rooms for over two years. She has interviewed many New Zealanders in the business, academic and political world, including her 20-minute interview with the previous Prime Minister, Bill English.

Kate is attracted to real estate by her passion for dealing and communicating with people and wanting to help people where she can. Having worked, studied and lived in the UK, China and New Zealand, Kate has a very good understanding of different cultural needs. Her ability to speak fluently in both English and Mandarin means she can apply these skills to a large audience of potential buyers and is confident when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds.

Integrity and honesty are central to Kate's belief. In her spare time Kate enjoys Netflix, swimming, yoga, and performing live at the odd comedy show or theatre production.


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