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If you have a property and you are looking to sell we can help you as licensed agents. When you sell an investment property through us you have one huge benefit – We Have a Massive Database of Buyers Ready to Buy NOW! Property Ventures list to the same media as other more standard agencies as well as tens of thousands of Investors that they just dont have access to. 

Our agents live, understand and are passionate about investment property as well as normal home buyer property. We have a large database of Investors looking for your sort of property. We also sell other residential property and welcome you to investigate selling through Property Ventures. 

We think you’ll find us to be less expensive. Regardless of the situation with your property, please get in touch.

If the property needs some work done that is fine too, we regularly manage renovations on behalf of our clients.

We are quick and efficient with our processes, we understand the requirements of your tenants.

If you wish to sell your property quickly and with fees slightly less than other standard agencies please fill in the below form and we will be in touch shortly.

If time is of the essence you’re welcome to email us directly also. We look forward to assisting you in selling the biggest asset you have, we respect that and wish to make it as simple and professional as we can.

Have an appointment with Property Ventures and be surprised.


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