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  • New Zealand Property Podcast: Episode 106

    NZ Property Podcast EP 106 - Jarrod Kerr

    16-Apr-2020 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 106 - Jarrod Kerr

    Jarrod Kerr the Kiwi, bank Chief Economist discuss the impact of Covid-19 may have on property and the economy in general. Mark Honeybone and Jarrod Kerr discuss many things property, how much the market may drop, what will happen to buyers, how long it will take to recover, immigration and the effect it might have on different parts of the property market. This and much more makes it a good listen if you are intending to buy or sell in the next year from now, or....more..

  • NZ Property Podcast Episode 105 : Mark interviews Reed Goossen

    NZ Property Podcast EP 105 - Reed Goossen

    03-Apr-2020 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 105 - Reed Goossen

    Mark interviews Reed Goossen, an Australian living in the US. He not only runs his own Property Podcast but also runs a successful property business with syndications for investors. A few tips for wannabe investors on how to get going and some tips on syndication. Feel free to ask Mark any questions on syndication here in NZ or in the USA. mark@propertyventures.co.nz....more..

  • 13-Mar-2020 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 104 - Sarina Gibbon

    In this Podcast Sarina Gibbon and Mark Honeybone discuss the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill. The below is from APIA. The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill proposes to introduce sweeping changes that will, in our view, significantly impact the business of landlording. In fact, according to the REINZ, 82% of New Zealanders oppose the Bill's signature proposal to abolish the landlord's ability to terminate a tenancy with a 90-day notice. The public has until 25th of March 2020 ....more..

  • Sani Sanileva from Pure Services Group NZ Limited

    NZ Property Podcast EP 103 - Sani Sanileva

    02-Mar-2020 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 103 - Sani Sanileva

    Pure Services is part of All Services Group (ASG) which provides a wide range of vehicle and property-cleaning services in Auckland, Dunedin, and Otago. The latest additions to their cleaning services portfolio focus on efficient, affordable cleaning for your home, rental property or commercial premises, including; Curtain cleaning Water blasting buildings and footpaths Pest control Mould removal General housekeeping - including interior/exterior window cleaning and oven cleanin....more..

  • Mark & Sarina Yang Discuss the Reasons Why a Deal Can Fall Over and How to Avoid It

    NZ Property Podcast EP 102 - Mark Honeybone & Sarina Gibbon

    24-Jan-2020 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 102 - Mark Honeybone & Sarina Gibbon

    On this first podcast of 2020, Sarina Yang (General manager of Auckland Property Investors' Association (APIA)) interviews Mark Honeybone about the 2020 market, they discuss the reasons why a deal can fall over and how to avoid this happening, negotiating deals along with much more. A good listen for a fairly new investor or even home buyer. This was a webinar that APIA conducted in December 2019.....more..

  • Ali Williams and Mark Honeybone discuss Commercial Property

    NZ Property Podcast EP 101 - Ali Williams

    22-Aug-2019 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 101 - Ali Williams

    Mark Honeybone interviews the ex All Black lock Ali Williams who shares his experience with Commercial Property. Plenty of hints regarding Commercial leases, how to add value, advantages over Residential and much more. Ali works with the Ardmore Group and they focus on identifying underperforming property assets in this sector and adds value through various methods including refurbishment, improved efficiency and market repositioning. If anyone has an under performing commercia....more..




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