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  • 24-Jul-2019 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 99 - David Faulkner

    Mark Honeybone interviewed David Faulkner who shares his views on the industry, current legislation and future trends within the rental and property management sector. Known as Mr Property Management, David Faulkner is one of the most recognisable figures within the industry. David has done it all in Property Management over a career spanning 15 years. He has worked at the coal-face as a Property Manager before going on to manage one of New Zealand's largest property management....more..

  • Ian Sharp Shares his experience in Whangarei

    NZ Property Podcast EP 98 - Ian Sharp

    11-Jul-2019 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 98 - Ian Sharp

    Mark Honeybone interviewed Ian Sharp who is part of Property Ventures Real Estate team. Ian’s passion for people, property and the town where he grew up are the reasons he moved back to Whangarei with his wife to raise their young son. Whangarei offers a lifestyle that is hard to beat with its beautiful beaches, awesome people, business opportunities, its proximity to Auckland and it allows that illusive life/work balance that people are looking for, that's why make it a great plac....more..

  • 06-Jun-2019 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 97 - James Bremner

    Nearly all companies have the potential to greatly increase their profitability and success, but need the additional expertise and knowledge of a focused “Third Party” to look from the outside in. Mark Honeymoon interviewed James Brenmer who has experience in Accounting, Business Strategy and Development, Startup and Project Management, Product Development, Marketing and Sales. He also has an in depth understanding of all the financial disciplines needed for the running of a successful b....more..

  • Martin Evans Shares His Investment Story

    NZ Property Podcast EP 96 - Martin Evans

    24-May-2019 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 96 - Martin Evans

    Mark Honeybone interviews Martin Evans from A1 Property Managers in Christchurch New Zealand, who is a veteran Property Investor and highly regarded as an expert in the filed. Martin shares his experience on how he started his business years ago, starting from a small office in Fendalton with only a few properties, and which is now one of the largest independent property management companies in Christchurch. Martin Evans is well known by many New Zealanders for his skills and knowle....more..

  • Chartered Accountant Matthew Gilligan Talks Tax!

    NZ Property Podcast EP 95 - Matthew Gilligan

    27-Apr-2019 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 95 - Matthew Gilligan

    We're back with the latest NZ Property Podcast where Mark talks with property guru and chartered accountant, Matthew Gilligan. He speaks about his take on all things tax. This has been a major conversation around NZ morning tea rooms and BBQs since the Labour lead government came into play. We also discuss the Property Leaders Event coming up on Sunday 26th May 2019, which will have some great guest speakers. These yearly events have been a massive success for speakers and attendees alik....more..

  • 21-Mar-2019 Mark Honeybone

    NZ Property Podcast EP 94 - Mark Honeybone

    Join Mark as he takes us through a presentation of the four best new build deals we have going on at the moment. Mark also briefly discusses the benefits of purchasing new builds as an investment. If you're interested in what else we have on offer, visit our new build page (/new-builds-listings).....more..




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