Discussion with Bob Burnett about the Superhome Movement

NZ Property Podcast EP 62 - Bob Burnett

23-Sep-2016 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 62 - Bob Burnett

Mark talks to Bob Burnett on the Superhome Movement

This week’s podcast is about the Superhome movement that is moving throughout the country. Bob is an architect specializing in energy efficient homes.

These new builds suit investor or home owners

Built to a higher standard for better living

Healthy and energy efficient with little / no power bills

There are only two 10 star homes in New Zealand that Bob and associates built in Christchurch.

Mark and Bob discuss what this actually means, but include:

  • * Solar, drain water collection, thermal performance (thermal envelope),
  • * Size and orientation of the windows
  • * Insulation is key – Superhome uses insulation from floor to ceiling
  • * Houses feel spacious with higher ceilings and the design
  • * Avoid health issues like asthma (NZ highest in the world) by using air tightness so there’s no condensation
  • * Financially positive / feasible– less expensive than what people think
  • * Achieving more than minimum standards in terms of the building code

Events – You can hear more about Superhomes at the Sales (Ravenswood Christchurch) and information nights in Auckland and Christchurch coming up in the next few weeks.

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