John Bolton on the Auckland Property Investment Landscape

NZ Property Podcast EP 12 - John Bolton

24-Apr-2014 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 12 - John Bolton

The Auckland property investing landscape - with John Bolton

Welcome to part two of an interview with JB from Squirrel Mortgages (listen to part one). We have a great interview lined up for you this week.

In this show you will hear from John about:

  • An upcoming policy change from the Reserve Bank that will impact investors with more than 5 tenancies and what this means.
  • What happened to the second and third tier lenders and how do they operate now.
  • A bit about private lenders and an example where an investor did exceptionally well using private lending to make a deal work.
  • What impact John has seen from the LVR increases on trading.
  • John's take on what really forced property prices to rise so sharply in Auckland in 2013.
  • What New Zealand resident Chinese buyers are investing in so heavily in a market that has already risen.
  • Where does John get his news from to stay current.
  • What strategies does John recommend to new investors to get ahead in property.
  • Where does John see the Auckland market going (and why)

There is a ton of information packed into this 30 minute show. Enjoy!  John can be found at Squirrel Mortgages.


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