Kyle Elmer shares his Investment Secrets – Part One

NZ Property Podcast EP 29 - Kyle Elmer

27-Oct-2014 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 29 - Kyle Elmer

Kyle Elmer (Successful Investor) Sharing his Investment Secrets – Part 1

This week's Podcast 1 is an interview with Kyle Elmer from Mana Property Management, where he discusses how he has built his property portfolio and other associated businesses. In this first Podcast we discuss:

  • Who is Kyle Elmer?
  • How to get started in Property Investing
  • How to lift rents without upsetting your tenants
  • Cashflow Property vs Capital Gains Properties

We hope you enjoy the interview.

References discussed during the Podcast below:
Rich dad audiobook<
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Communication profiling Amy Scott html
Personality profile Roger Hamilton
Mana Property Management

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