Mark interviews Janet Xuccoa of Gilligan Rowe and Associates

NZ Property Podcast EP 43 - Janet Xuccoa

12-Jul-2015 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 43 - Janet Xuccoa

Mark interviews Janet Xuccoa, Partner leading the professional Trustee Division of Gilligan Rowe & Associates.

Janet is a Partner at Gilligan Rowe & Associates LP where she leads the Professional Trustee division of the Practice, assisting clients in various matters that confront them, including the operation of the Trusts and Companies they are involved with. 

Apart from this role, she spearheads GRA Money School and Business School and GRA Vibe and is instrumental in marketing for the firm. Over the years, Janet has written numerous articles for different publications including the New Zealand Property magazine, the Investor magazine, Verve magazine, Essentially Home magazine and Business to Business Newspaper. 
She also contributes articles to a number of prominent websites and electronic newsletters. Writing milestones in her life are the best-selling books Family Trusts 101, published in July 2010 and Money Secrets 101, published in February 2012. 
Janet holds degrees in accounting and law and is a renowned author and speaker on money and trustee matters. In 2012 she completed over 100 presentations throughout New Zealand. She puts her knowledge and skills to work by presenting in a warm and friendly manner, mixing experience and humour to make her point and entertain. 
Feel free to book an appointment with Janet Today by calling 09 522 7955 or emailing:

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