Mark talks to Hadar Orkibi about his 2015 projects

NZ Property Podcast EP 50 - Hadar Orkibi

03-Dec-2015 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 50 - Hadar Orkibi

Mark talks to our favourite guest Hadar Orkibi about his 2015 projects and his commercial purchase in the ‘golden block’ Alexandra - Part 1

Hadar Orkibi talks about his small developments in Auckland and how he has used his equity to produce massive cash-flow on his commercial building in Alexandra.

Hadar discusses his future buying strategy, by looking for large development sites so he can buy and wait for the unitary plan and re-zoning, he has plans to develop sites and build 4 to 6 houses. He plans for a minimum of 15-20% gain on your capital per project and stresses the importance of due-diligence.

Hadar's online home is at

What you will learn from Hadar:

  • How to buy in today’s market
  • What to look for in commercial properties
  • The weight average of the lease and income of the property viewed by the bank
  • The importance of future planning

    Listen to Hadar Orkibi, a successful property trader and investor making waves in the property market and building a successful portfolio. 
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