Matthew Gilligan on Strategies, Structures, GST, and the Auckland Market

NZ Property Podcast EP 08 - Matthew Gilligan

19-Mar-2014 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 08 - Matthew Gilligan

Matt Gilligan Pt 2 - Strategy, Structures, GST, Distressed Sellers and the Auckland Market

Last week Mark spoke with Matt Gilligan of Gilligan Rowe & Associates and this is part two of that interview. If you have not listened to part one we suggest you start here.

In parttwo Matt speaks about:


  • The most successful investors hold property
  • Matt reveals a structure he commonly recommends husband and wife investors use.
  • GST rules that ANY investor MUST know
  • How he is using options right now
  • Why Matt is finding deals and buying now (as opposed to 2013)
  • How to structure a Due Diligence clause in a S&P agreement
  • Why Matt things the main centre markets in New Zealand - Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch - are a great place to invest and why Auckland is set to maintain a strong market over the next several years.

Part one of this interview was probably the most popular show we've published to date and if anything the second half of the interview is packed with evenmore great take-aways.  Matt's online home is at

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