Matthew Gilligan Shares His Experience with Property Investment

NZ Property Podcast EP 07 - Matthew Gilligan

11-Mar-2014 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 07 - Matthew Gilligan

Part One of a Massive Interview with Matt Gilligan

Mark spoke with Matt Gilligan of Gilligan Rowe & Associates this week. They spoke for so long and about such a wide range of topics that a single podcast would be too long for any commute, so we're splitting this interview into two.

In part one Matt speaks about:


  • The risk a developer takes on, no matter how good their timing and the deal seem to be.
  • Some examples of "interesting" situations he found himself in with large developments in the past.
  • The exposure developers and investors take on without proper structures.
  • The importance of preparing to fail.
  • As an investor some of situations he looks for with distressed sellers when he is buying for himself
  • His take on "flipping" vs a more traditional buy-and-hold strategy.

Have a listen, Matt has a wealth of experience and we are sure investors at every level will find some nuggets to take away from this interview. Part twowill be published next week. Enjoy the show! Matt's online home is at Let us know what you thought of the showand/or request guests on future episodes by emailing us directly


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